Friday, April 16, 2010

Where Art Thou Hal Scardino?

 For some reason we got the idea in our heads to watch Indian in the Cupboard from Netflix this week.  It's your usual "90s adaptation of a children's book," but the effects are pretty good, and I remember loving the book as a wee lad.  The actors for both Little Bear and Boone are great and play off each other very well.  But kid that plays Omri, the main character...well, he stuck out as much now as he did back then.  Looking on IMDB I found out his name is Hal Scardino, which sounds like some sort of crime boss, not a child actor of the 90s.  Further research reveals that Hal Scardino was only in 3 movies?  And nothing since 1996?  How is that possible?
Oh yeah, that's why.

Apparently Hal is a year older than me and graduated from Colombia (way to go Hal!).  However, that pic from Facebook is the most recent picture I can find from him.  Aside from obviously writing your own bio on (come on now Hal, "He beat them all - and got the part" and "it didn't take him long to learn his lines - and he never forgot them" were TOTALLY written by you) his online presence is practically nil.

Except for this.  I urge to you open this link in another tab on your browser so that it actually takes you to YouTube, that way you can see the ridiculous comments, number of views, etc, for THIS.  BEHOLD.

How ridiculously creepy is that??  My goodness, I felt dirty just watching it.  Whereever you are Hal Scardino KEEP RUNNING SO LORDVARKON DOESN'T GET YOU!!!

(as a sidenote:  the actor who played Little Bear also played Nightwolf in Mortal Kombat:  Annihilation.  Sweet.)


Epic Gecko said...

The best part of Indian in the Cupboard is Darth Vader fighting a T-Rex.

I think that's pretty much the only part of the movie I still remember, anyway.

Patrick said...

I really hope this is Hal Scardino from Columbia fencing on the far right. You may have to 'like' the page in order to see the photo. It's photo 38. Although the guy with the scruffy beard in the first few pages in the white shirt also looks like him

Crystal said...

The actor that plays little foot is a rapper.

Crystal said...

I mean little bear, his actual name is light foot.

Crystal said...

The actor that plays little foot is a rapper.