Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things I Learned at the Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Expo

  • Hunters LOVE dip.  There were 5 different companies there with tents setup giving away free samples (after you had confirmed you were a tobacco user, gave them your ID, phone number, and email address.  It took more to get into one of those tents than it did to get into college).  
  • Affliction and Ed Hardy designs are spreading to the world of hunting.  Both Bone Collector and Rut Junkie had some some swirly designed shirts on display.  I guess hunters go clubbing too?
  • Speaking of shirts:  I saw more Brewers t-shirts than Packers, which was very, very cool.  Fielding a competitive team the last couple years has really led to a resurgence of interest in the team.

  • This Can Cooker invention had me very interested.  The convenience of just dumping a bunch of food into the cooker, putting it on a fire, and eating it after an hour or so had me rather interested.  I don't go camping enough to justify it, but mayhaps in the future it would be work looking into.  Seriously, look how easy it is to make delicious things like Crab Legs.
  • Sadly the thing that interested me most was a tie between the sweeeet AirSoft rifles that were for sale (the look so real it's crazy) and the bear cubs that you could take pictures with (Considering how scary full size bears are they might just have the cutest little ones next to these guys)


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