Friday, April 2, 2010

They Don't Know How It Feels

And by "they" I mean people that live in nice weather year round.  Do you think they appreciate nice weather like we Wisconsinites do?  Doubtful.  These first really nice days of spring are on par with a butterfly emerging from it's pupation stage.  Yesterday it was so nice and sunny out I was squinting the entire time, my eyes weren't used to such beauty.  Back in college I joked that all the hot girls were like bears because they seemingly hibernated all winter and would finally emerge again on the first nice day of the year.

But if the weather is always sunny and beautiful how quick before you take that weather for granted?  Say I uprooted from Wisconsin and moved to California.  How long would it take for me to take the weather for granted?  1 year?  2 years?  No thanks.  I'd rather appreciate every spring around this time.

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Ric said...

I appreciate spring, until I realize that I'm allergic to everything green.

But you're right. The anticipation of having the first 70-degree day in three months beats out 365 nice ones in a row. You don't know what nice is until you experience the crap.