Thursday, April 8, 2010

For 3 Easy Payments of $29.99

A shift in my work schedule has awakened me to the wacky world of early morning fitness informercials.  In the last week I've seen Brazil Butt Lift, Hip Hop Abs, and Insanity (the workout so EXTREME it'll make you go INSANE).  Now, these are all brought to you by, same people that do P90 (which I've tried) and P90X (which I have not). 

In theory workout videos are a good thing.  Anything that gets people in shape is a good thing, right?  Well here's the thing with those videos:
  1. Expensive.  Brazil Butt Lift and Hip Hop Abs are $75 a piece while Insanity is $145.  That is not cheap, considering...
  2. You probably won't stick with it.  We went balls deep into P90, even taking pictures with our shirts off, measuring body parts, testing how many reps we could do with every exercise.  And even with 3-4 people doing it we only stuck with it for maybe a month.  Mainly because...
  3. It gets repetitive.  The first stage of P90 had two 40 minute workouts that you were supposed to alternate every day.  Do you know how boring that gets?  Hearing the same commands and statements day in and day out is enough to drive anyone bonkers.  It appears that Insanity has 10 workouts which gives you quite a bit of variety, but most of workouts aren't so diverse.
  4. And they can be very, very hard.  There's not much of a learning curve with most of these.  The people in the videos can all perform the maneuvers perfectly (which is to be expected from athletes and models), but for someone that's not in very good shape to think "Hey, I can just order these workout videos and get started!"  Even someone who's in relatively decent shape like myself struggles with these types of videos.
There's a reason that not many people are in truly "good" shape these days:  it takes hard work!  Just buying a dvd and expecting the rest to come easy isn't going to cut it.

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Ric said...

You took pictures with your shirts off? I'd like to see this.