Thursday, April 29, 2010

Congrats, you're a seeder!

There are certain things that are distinctly say "Summer."  Ice cold beer while sitting on the porch, girls in flower dresses, grilling out, the smell of fresh cut grass and spitting sunflower seeds.  I've been a seeder since sophomore year of high school.  One of the first things you learn when you joined the baseball team was how to slide.  And the second thing was how to properly split, crack, and eat a sunflower from it's shell.  Learning was a laborious task, with many smashed and crushed seeds before you finally get one to split right on the seams.  And from that moment on it becomes an addiction.  I think most people in life get some sort of fixation that focuses on their mouth, whether it's cigarettes, chewing tobacco, gum, or sunflower seeds.  (I'm guilty of the last two).  I always carry an empty water bottle under my seat and a half eaten bag of seeds in my arm rest for when I'm driving.  It's pretty much the only thing that'll keep me awake on long drives.  Playing softball, watching baseball, mowing the lawn, discing:  you name the outdoor summer activity and I'll probably be spitting seeds on the ground. 

I've tried lots of different seeds in my time, but for my money David remains the best.  They've got the perfect assortment of flavors (I'm privy to Nacho, Jalapeno hot salsa, and Ranch), and the seems are rarely ever burnt. 

I doubt any of my readers haven't tried seeds before, but if you somehow haven't you should give it a try.  Tis' the season, after all.


Epic Gecko said...

Sunflower seeds are better with the shell (albeit messier). Although I don't think I've actually eaten them with the shell for quite a few years.

Carolyn said...

Remember trying to teach me how to spit seeds at Grandma's house!? I still don't get it...