Saturday, March 20, 2010

Money Come, Money Go

Part of my 2010 goals was to continue getting my finances in order by recording the balance of all of my accounts every Monday morning.  I've done a great job of it so far, only missing one Monday because we were in Mexico.  However, I did a quick review of the spreadsheet yesterday and it dawned on me:  My account balance now is the same as it was in January.


How is that possible?  I haven't made any big purchases.  I used my tax return money to pay off part of my TV purchase, so that should be a net "neutral" for the money situation.  So I went off to to peer through my transactions and something started sticking out to me.  It wasn't so much the size of the purchases so much as number of purchases.  18 so far in March. 32 in February, and a ridiculous 58 transactions in January.  My goodness.

Until further notice I will not be spending any money unless it's on rent, gas, or food.


Kate said...

How is 18 transactions a lot by the 20th of the month?

I have 13 transactions so far this month that are just groceries, gas, or bills.

Gregor said...

None of those transactions count groceries or bills, however (that's a separate account). So that means all those purchases were for frivolous things, or eating out for lunch, etc.