Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Garbage Man

I've mentioned twice before that one of my college jobs was picking up garbage on campus.  But here's a little known secret of that job.

I loved it.

Basically my job was to travel around the residence halls driving a Gator emptying out 55 gallon trash barrels and taking those bags of trash to the dumpsters.  In between trash barrels I'd use a 5 gallon pail and a reacher-grabber to grab trash off the ground and from inside bushes.  This was a one man job, (and before I had a MP3 player) so I would usually hum or whistle to myself as I went about my business, trying to prevent the garbage bags from ripping and spilling all over my shoes, attempting to swerve around day-dreaming students as they walked to class, and successfully not getting stung once by the copious amounts of bees that surrounded all of the trash barrels in the warmer months.  (I think I figured out the secret of avoiding getting stung:  acting completely calm, not swapping at them or freaking out.  I would carefully remove the lid, reach in to grab the trash bag, making sure I didn't squish any of them in my paws, remove the bag, throw it on the Gator, and put a new one in the barrel, and replace the cover.  Never needed to use the insecticide spray.)

Looking back, it was one of those mindless manual labor jobs that people look down upon, but I enjoyed it.  Maybe the juxtaposition of sitting in an office doing garbage all day comparing with driving around outside picking up garbage is what appeals to me.

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