Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Appreciation for Baseball


Opening Day 2010 is 5 days away as I type this, and to put it mildly I am excited.  Things were not always this way, however.  Despite having played baseball in high school I was never really a big fan of the sport.  I hardly watched nor listened to any games.  Too many movies and video games to really care, ya know?

This continued on into college.  Two of my roommates, Marcus and Eric, were both huge Cubs fans that would spend most of their free time playing MLB '06 on PS2 and talking about the season.  I stated absorbing some general baseball knowledge from them, and my proximity to Milwaukee made it easy to attend games, but I didn't really get too into it until the summer of 2007 when I was interning in Milwaukee.  Long days of doing nothing allowed me to read up on the team a bit, and that carried over to the first few months of my full time job.  By spring of 2008 I had read every article about the Brewers I could find that wasn't blocked at work.  We went to a rainy game in April, and since then it's been Brewers Brewers Brewers all the time.

I think I like baseball because it appeals to the two sides of me.  The one side is the kid, the one that loves browsing all the Brewers blogs and websites, reading articles and evaluating stats.  Playing pretty much every day gives me something to look forward to every morning when I see how things went from the night before.  It's good to have that constant stream of info buzzing through me.

The old man part of me loves the fact that every pitch matters.  That one simple mistake can turn the tide of a game.  That the psychologic battle between pitcher and hitter is almost as important as skill.  A nice sunny day can be made even better by sitting outside and watching the boys of summer. 

Man, now I'm REALLY excited for Opening Day!

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