Thursday, March 25, 2010

And then I found $5

I got up from my cube Tuesday to go to the lab when something near the trashcan in the hallway caught my eye;  a neatly folded $5 bill.  I looked around to see if anyone had recently dropped it but didn't spot anyone.  So I reached down to pick it up when a Project Manager I know says "Score!  That's much better than the quarters I usually find."  I chuckled and shoved the money into my pocket as I continued on my way.  My mind raced with what I could do with the money....donate it to a charity, pay for a random person's lunch, put it in my retirement account.

But I just bought a Schlitz instead.

Now, that $5 obviously was lost by someone but would they expect the finder to turn it in to the front desk?  And if I didn't grab it someone else would have and probably bought crack with it, right?

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