Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Saved by the Bell

I get up every weekday around 6:10, stumble downstairs to pour a bowl of cereal, and then turn on the tv to watch reruns of Saved by the Bell on TBS.  Last week sometime there was an episode called The Time Capsule, where the graduating class of 2003(!) found a video in the time capsule from the graduating class of 1993, which was Zach, Slater, Kelly, and the whole gang.  Watching this I was amazed because I graduated in 2003, but never really considered that group of people to be that much older than me.  Saved by the Bell was in syndication so much when I was a kid, I've probably seen that show more times than I've seen anything else, including The Office and Lost.  While a lot of the episodes are kind of goofy, it's that warm bit of nostalgia that I get from watching the show that keeps me coming back, morning after morning.

I found two interesting "Where are they now?" sites on my adventures of the internet.  This first one has the primary cast minus Screech, who really doesn't talk with any of the others anymore.  And it's kind of weird that Lisa doesn't do any acting anymore.  I was always a fan of her. 

This second one has the primary cast plus some supporting members like Max and Miss Bliss.  And I for one would be fully in for a Saved by the Bell reunion.  Because Tiffani Theissen (she played Kelly) is not on screen nearly enough anymore.  My Goodness.

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