Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sometimes I hear...

...Hulk Hogan's entrance music as I'm walking down the hallway at work.  And I really wanna slap people's hands and point at people and jabber jaw and flex and tear my shirt off.

I imagine most people would want to do the same thing, though.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Saved by the Bell

I get up every weekday around 6:10, stumble downstairs to pour a bowl of cereal, and then turn on the tv to watch reruns of Saved by the Bell on TBS.  Last week sometime there was an episode called The Time Capsule, where the graduating class of 2003(!) found a video in the time capsule from the graduating class of 1993, which was Zach, Slater, Kelly, and the whole gang.  Watching this I was amazed because I graduated in 2003, but never really considered that group of people to be that much older than me.  Saved by the Bell was in syndication so much when I was a kid, I've probably seen that show more times than I've seen anything else, including The Office and Lost.  While a lot of the episodes are kind of goofy, it's that warm bit of nostalgia that I get from watching the show that keeps me coming back, morning after morning.

I found two interesting "Where are they now?" sites on my adventures of the internet.  This first one has the primary cast minus Screech, who really doesn't talk with any of the others anymore.  And it's kind of weird that Lisa doesn't do any acting anymore.  I was always a fan of her. 

This second one has the primary cast plus some supporting members like Max and Miss Bliss.  And I for one would be fully in for a Saved by the Bell reunion.  Because Tiffani Theissen (she played Kelly) is not on screen nearly enough anymore.  My Goodness.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Width and Heigtht

So I'm sure by now you've heard all the hubbub about director Kevin Smith being asked to leave an airplane for being "too fat."  It's in interesting case, but William Saletan of asks a great question to come out of this:  Should fat people on airplanes be treated like tall people?  Both groups have issues on planes, mainly because the "one size fits all" policy doesn't work when you're cramming as many people as possible on a single aircraft in order to make the most money.  I'm the right side of the bell curve when it comes to height, at about 6' 4," and plane and bus rides are a pain in the knees.  I almost always sit in the aisle seat, or otherwise spend most of the flight adjusting my legs into different positions so they're not digging into people's backs.  And I can't imagine being bigger and having to cram onto those 18 inch wide seats. 

One of the commentors from the Slate article had an excellent point:  There should really be two rows of seats, one which offers larger seats, and one which offers more legroom.  People over a certain height/weight could request them, and if they are not requested than anyone could get them.  Having just traveled from Milwaukee to Mexico and back on 6 different aircraft I can safely say that this would be much appreciated, because every flight was filled with people, including those that were "big and tall."  I understand the desire to make the most money per flight, but Airlines have got to realize that we're paying good money to fly the friendly skies, and deserve a decent level of comfort in return.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guess Who's Back

Well I completed dropped the ball on setting the blog up to auto-post while I was on vacation.  I was going to do it Thursday before we left, but I didn't have anything packed so that kind of took precedence.  Regardless, the vacation was amazing, and I'm sure you all survived without me.  We stayed at the Akumal Beach Resort in Akumal, Mexico, which is about 1.5 hours south of Cancun on the Pacific Ocean.  It was a pretty nice place with one of the best beaches in the area.
Anyways, here's some of what we did on vacation, with some lovely pics.
  • Snorkeled with wild sea turtles.
  • Played beach volleyball with 4 Argentinians, 3 Canadians, 2 Hungarians, and 2 Italians.
  • Ziplined 200 ft over the ocean.
  • Explored the Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza
  • Swam with dolphins, sharks, and sting rays.
  • Played Thumper with a group of people that included a Canadian rapper and a 69 year old grandma.
  • Got my ear chatted off by a Canadian Chuck Norris look-alike, eh.
  • Swam in a fresh water cenote.

All in all, a good vacation.  Starting next week we'll be back on schedule with new posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Whoa Mexico

Well, I'll be out next week on vacation in Mexico, but I've got the blog setup to post some of my older articles that you might have missed out on the first time or that I really enjoyed writing.  A couple of things to note before I hit the trails.

  • The final season of Lost started up on Tuesday, and (as I've talked about before) I'm a big fan of the show.  We even went through and watched all 5 previous seasons before this season premiere, mainly because E and myself had missed most of season 3 and 4.  The best part about Lost is easily the internet discussion as amateurs and professionals attempt to figure out what the frak is going on, with the Idiot Board's Lost discussion easily being the best of the bunch.
  • Here's an interview with Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes.  It's believed to be his first interview since 1989(!!).  And if you don't like Calvin and Hobbes then you should probably just turn off your computer and go be a curmudgeon somewhere else, ya heard?
  • On a suggestion from Blaze I'm about to start reading "Blood of the Fold," by Terry Goodkind.  Now that we're all caught up with Lost I've got more time to read, so if anyone else has recommendations of any sort feel free to give me some suggestions.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Keep Turning Up the Heat

As we're currently on the verge of buying 9-packs of tickets for the Brewers 2010 season I think it's a good time to talk about them, no?

  • Brewers made some interesting transactions this off-season - trading for CF Carlos Gomez, catcher Gregg Zaun, signing new starting pitchers Randy Wolf and Doug Davis, plus a bunch of other moves to hopefully improve the team.  It'll be interesting to see how these moves effect a team that was ravaged by an overused bullpen last season.
  • GREAT news is that they re-signed Craig Counsell.  Counsell is easily my favorite Brewer player (obviously), so it's great to see him back.  My #30 jersey will get much use this summer.
  • Go to, type in the name "Frank Catalanotto," and look at the fourth link.  That's right, this blog right here is 4th on Google when you search his name!  How cool is that?  Sadly, Frank signed a minor league contract with the Mets, and will not be returning to Miller Park this year.  This makes me rather sad, as we'll not be getting a helping dose of The Outfield's "Your Love" whenever you come up to bat.  You'll be missed, Frank!
  • Brewer Fever has overtaken me so much that I even watched a Brewer Replay on FSN this past week, Gallardo vs Carpenter in a pitchers duel that ended with a Bill Hall (!) walk-off hit.  
Man oh man, I'm excited for this season. Beers, baseball, brats, grilling, bags, doesn't get much better than that.