Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Randomings

You maggots wanna live forever?


I've talked about Stick It before, but that movie owes a large debt of gratitude to Bring It On, that's for sure.  And I'm not sure what's more weird:  The fact that there's so many direct to dvd sequels, or that I've never seen any.


Boston.com's photographs from Haiti are eye-opening.  Just to warn you, some are very graphic, and all are quite depressing.


After living in our current apartment for nearly a month we finally have things arranged and put away to a satisfactory degree.  It's amazing, there's so much room in the place and it still doesn't seem big enough for our purposes.  At this point I think we'd trade the extra bedroom for a few closets interspersed throughout the apartment.


I need a haircut soon, but I don't think that I'm ballsy enough to give this a try.  I'm more of a Space Invaders fan anyhow. 


Speaking of video games, guess how many I've played this winter.  Two.  Just Modern Warfare 2, and Left 4 Dead 2.  How pathetic is that?  College aged Gregor would be sorely dissappointed in Working aged Gregor.  However, there's a bunch of good games coming out soon (Mass Effect 2 comes out today!) that I'd like to play, plus a handful of games from 2009 that I'd still like to play through.  After we get all caught up on our re-watch of season 5 of Lost I should be good to go.


Dr. Bergeron said...

I started playing the god of war games for PS3 since i missed that boat the first time and the collection was priced at 40 bucks. 40 bucks for 2 games, awesome.

That game is also awesome too, and contains almost too many boobs, if there was a thing as too much boobs.

Gregor said...

That is a damn good deal. I'm not sure why, but around this time last year I got a hankering to play the original God of War, so I bought it from Gamestop and pilfered Ivan's PS2 to play it. Great game. I might rob Ivan of his PS3 soon to play the second one, and then the third one when it comes out.