Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Randomings

Onward to glory.


REEEDD LIIIGHT CHALLENGE!  For those of us who have watched Cash Cab this gives you a nice behind the scenes look at how it goes down, from the perspective of the contestants.


So with a vacation coming up at the beginning of February (MEXICO!) I figured it was a good time to go to a tanning salon.  I have a tendency to get burnt while on winter vacation to warmer climates (even last year, when I went to a tanning salon like 8 times before the vacation), and I told myself I wouldn't let that happen this time.  So I found a local place that was running a deal of 4 tans for $3 dollars, and the lady recommended I use tanning lotion as well.  There were signs all over the place stating "30 seconds - how long it takes for the UV rays to begin working when you use lotion.  6-7 minutes - how long it takes without lotion."  So I bought lotion, and it seems to be working so far, but I definitely end up smelling like a stripper when I get done.

Not that I know what they smell like.


I've talked about this before, but this post from Gizmodo does a great job of demonstrating the Social Acceptance of various Geek Subgenres.  I find myself right in the middle.  *whew*


For Ric's bday we went to COA, a Mexican restaurant in the Bayshore mall.  Food was good, though (as the review mentions) the restaurant has an identity crisis between what it thinks it is and what it actually is.  They serve "street food," as they like to call it, but it's presented very well and the prices match the quality.  Advertising it as "street food" gives it the connotation that it's cheap and quick.  So if you're looking for that I'd recommend the Taco Bell up the street.


Recently The New York Times published an interactive map of Netflix Queues in some of the bigger cities in the US.  The data presented is historical, and with enough digging people have been pulling out some very interesting queues from specific Zip Codes.  The readers on Slate picked out some choice ones, the best one being 90073 which is home to the Veteren's Administration whose number 1 in the queue is Swimming with Sharks.


Kate said...

You and your February vacations to someplace warm. I'm beginning to think you just like tanning and smelling like a stripper in the winter and want an excuse so your manhood isn't much.

Rynders said...

Shut the front door. Cash Cab WATCHING Cash Cab. Glorious.