Thursday, January 21, 2010


As part of my "moving in with the gf and getting a place of my own" I've been trying to clear a bunch of stuff out of my parents house.  Some of it was left there for lack of room during college, but the majority of it was plain laziness.  However, this past weekend I gathered up my original Playstation and games from the basement and put it in a box to be donated.  I believe I got the Playstation as a gift somewhere around 1997, right after the DualShock controllers had come out.  I remember that the decision between a N64 and a PlayStation was one that I weighed for weeks, with a scribbling of paper listing the pros and cons, but ultimately decided on PlayStation for some reason.  The first games I got for it were mostly of the racing persuasion, for some reason.  Cart World Series, Sled Storm, Test Drive Offroad, and Test Drive 5 were all included in the first Christmas, and all of them were pretty fun.  However, I had this thing where I HATED paying more than $30 for a game, so I ended up buying of the $5.99 demo discs(you see, before there was the internet you had to buy discs with demos on them, rather then just download them) and also a lot of trash.  Blade the video game (TERRIBLE) is Chieften of the terrible games, and Spec Ops:  Stealth Patrol is close behind it.  Seriously, look at that cover.  Just not good.

There were a bunch of great games that I owned, however.  Tenchu:  Stealth Assassins was released around the same time as Metal Gear Solid, and so it's stealth gameplay was overshadowed, but Tenchu had ninjas who could breath fire, which MGS was sorely lacking on.  And Syphon Filter was a great 3rd person shooter that also was overshadowed by MGS, but lives on via the PSP.  Star Wars:  Demolition was like Twisted Metal set in the Star Wars universe, and was a blast for how absurd it was.  Case in point:  Everyone else uses vehicles like land speeders and AT-ST walkers, but Boba Fett flies around with just a jetpack.  Example here.

Oh Boba you soooooo crazy.

And one of the the games I discovered via the demo discs was Colony Wars:  Red Sun, which remains one of my favorite games ever.  The story was sweet, and the missions were very cool...protecting convoys from maruading space pirates, defending interstellar bases.  Plus you could buy new ships, and upgrade the weapons on them.  This stuff was groundbreakingly cool for 1997.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and the days of PS2 and Xbox doomed the Playstation.  But for a few years I loved that system, and it was a good dose of nostalgia to look through all those old games.

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