Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Family Values

My mom has 7 siblings, and my dad has 6 siblings, so family get-togethers are always an experience.  Including cousins, and now the children of the cousins, that's 45 people on my mom's side and 56 on my dad's.  Typically we have to hold our annual Christmas parties in January, in order to accomodate everyone's busy holiday schedule.  And no one on my mom's side has a house big enough to hold anyone, so we have it at the local church hall.

My aunt Nancy on my dad's side told me an interesting story this past weekend when we had my dad's family Christmas.  Back when she was around 13 (this was around 1960, I believe) my Grandma's side of the family would get together for Christmas at each one of her sibling's houses every day after Christmas for a week, until they had visited everyone's house.  They all lived within 20 miles of each other and since all of the kids were on vacation for the week between Christmas and New Years they figured it was the best time to see everyone.  After the dad of the family got home from work they'd pile into their cars and drive over to Sibling A's house on the 26th, Sibling B's house on the 27th, etc.  Kind of crazy, but also a pretty neat way to celebrate the holidays.

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Dr. Bergeron said...

There's 2 things the shillers love:

get togethers, and LOTS OF UNPROTECTED SEX.