Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One Year Later

So 355 Days ago I made 7 New Year's Resolutions. How well did I do?

  1. Get Trained in CPR. Failure. Will be adding this to my 2010 list.
  2. Setup an IRA and get finances in order. Success. Started up an IRA this fall, and though I wasn't able to contribute the maximum it was a good start. Also with this last paycheck I've saved up enough for a 6 month Emergency Fund without depleting the rest of my moneys. But getting ones finances in order is a marathon, not a sprint, so this will continue with aplomb into 2010.
  3. Start Doing Habitat for Humanity again. Failure. I didn't even do any volunteering this fall/winter, sadly. I shall carry over this one into 2010 as well.
  4. Skydiving. Failure. Had plenty of opportunities to go, but this summer was so busy with different things going on that by the time I had some free weekends it was October, and jumping out of a plane in October seems mad to me. 2010, here we come.
  5. Get up to 200 lbs, and stay there. Eh, kind of failure. As I mentioned when I did the halfway year check up that with minimal working out and eating alright I tend to stay around 195, so unless I want to starting drinking muscle milk and weightlifting 3 times a week I'm happy with where I'm at.
  6. Visit another country. Success. Bahamas vacation was very enjoyable, and hopefully more out of the country trips follow in the next couple of years.
  7. Get back into computers/take my job more seriously. Success, with room for improvement. I built my own computer this fall, and that was a heck of a learning experience. But now I've got a spare desktop (plus Ric's old tower) to fool around with, so this will allow me to continue fooling around and learning some new things. In regards to my job, well, things have been rather busy. I've finally received more responsibility, but I still don't have the leeway or clout to do what I want on certain things, so that will continue to be worked on next year. Much like the finances, this is a life-long goal.
All in all, not too bad. The big life changing resolutions were completed while the smaller "personal development" ones were cast aside, but there's always time for that next year.

Here's to 2010.


Sarah Wadford said...

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Kuhmandi said...

Don't even bother getting trained in CPR, I've had to renew it every couple of years since I was 16 and they have changed the damn counts and process every singe time. Used to be 10 chest compressions to 3 breaths, then it was 15/2, now it's 30/2 and you never stop to check vitals...crazy man. Basically, if you're doing something, it's better than nothing.