Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Empty Nest

I think I know how my parents felt when my two brothers and myself were finally all moved out of their house. After directly living with a houseful of people for the past 4 years, now it's just down to me and Ric living in the big house in Shorewood. And it's weird. We're pretty much living out of one room, one bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room, but the house has 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 3 floors, 2 living rooms, and a den. After you get used to having all of these other people to talk to, to watch movies with, and suddenly it's quiet.

The funny thing is that I could count the number of times I had been alone in either the place in New Berlin or the one in Shorewood on both hands, and relished in the chance to have the place to myself for once. Now it's empty every time I get home from work.

So who's up for moving into a nice populated hippy commune? I can't handle this being alone stuff, not in the dead of winter!


Dr. Bergeron said...

remember that time you're going to go crazy(er) in about 4 weeks and chop down doors with an ax?

yeah, me too. Awesome.

crazy as bats.

Kate said...

Aww...don't be lonely Gregor. Soon enough you will have us back as neighbors. And we can come bother you all the time! Then you'll wish for your alone time again. Mwahaha!

Lish said...

awww, i would so move in if i wasn't stuck in this lease!