Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Only Shaving Your Face?

Found this gem of an ad on Facebook today.

So Gillette, you're recommending that we shave our entire bodies to "maximize your potential"? What are we, professional swimmers? Look, unless you spend most of your day with your shirt off as part of your job, or your arms look like Robin Williams, than there's no reason to be shaving anything other than your face. If you really are self-conscious about your hair I know people that have gotten laser hair removal and it worked great for them.

On the other hand, I know some people that really enjoy hair on a man. To each their own.

And screw you Gillette.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Randomings, Thanksgiving Week Edition

I'm liking these Monday Randomings, it's a good way to jump into the week with lots of the random things I've been thinking about during the weekend.


Two charities that I'm rather fond of, Toys for Tots and Child's Play, are in full Holiday swing, and I'd recommend you donate some money or items for either of them. I'll be doing both.


A guest post on Frugal Dad really struck a cord with me. Young couple making plenty of money, quite a bit of debt, but obviously spending too much, and thus could could be debt free in 3 years. But they don't really want to do anything about it! I'll be talking about it a little more when I talk about my 2009 resolutions, but I'm pretty happy with how my finances turned out for the year. Wanting to do something about them, and actually doing something about them are two different things.


Over the last two weekends I've driven 720 miles without my CDs in my car, so I've been listening to a lot of radio. Specifically a lot of Top 40 radio, like 103.7 KISS FM. I haven't listened to pop radio in years, so it was interesting to hear what's "popular." I have to admit, my guilty pleasure is definitely Rihanna: I can't think of a single song of hers that I don't enjoy hearing. However the biggest issue with pop stations is that they have a playlist of about 30 songs, so they're CONSTANTLY playing the same things over and over again. It made for good driving music for 4 days, but now I'll be dipping my feet rather gingerly into the pool of pop music.


Here's an interesting chart about the evolution of Superhero movies. The 4 movies on that list that I have not seen are Catwoman, Elektra, Howard the Duck, and the original Punisher. All of these movies, not consequently, are supposedly terrible.


The Milwaukee Bucks are off to a pretty darn good start this season, and even have a game being broadcast on Friday night on ESPN. I think it's about time to go to a game and check them out in person.


I'll have a blog up tomorrow about hunting, but nothing makes you appreciate internet access and warm food like sitting in a tree stand for 10 straight hours.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Monday Randomings Vol. III

Let's jump into it, shall we?


Lot's of free time means lots of thinking about things, and one of those things I think about is retirement, financial matters, and frugality. JD at Get Rich Slowly had a great blog the other day about Roth IRAs which breaks down in very simple terms what it is, and where you can open one. Look into it folks.


Click it!

Lesson? Stop overreacting, H1N1 isn't a big deal.


I finally bought a Xbox 360 a few weeks back when Wal-Mart had them for $200 with a $100 gift card. I figured it was about time, considering we'll soon be moving into a place and won't be able to use MrB's or FortNight's 360s. Now I've just got to look into the easiest way to transfer my saved games to the new machine (which by the way runs amazingly quiet compared to the older 360s. Hopefully mine won't RRoD anytime in the future.)


My Grandma's house had this same light switch....hurm.


One of my earliest blog posts was entitled "Friends Forever?", in which I talked about how friendships change over time, and that's ok. But over time I've realized that just because things change doesn't mean that friendships dissolve, they just get put on hold. I met up with my friend Nater this weekend to pick up a book I lent him over a year ago, and we caught up a bit over a beer, and it was a blast. We talked about video games and movies and life, and I was sad I couldn't stay longer to talk to him. We agreed to meet up again over Christmas, and I'm looking forward to it.


Oakland Gyros are awesome.

The Addiction

I've been clean for about 1.5 years now. Sure, I've dabbled in some lesser evils here and there, but nothing grabbed me as strongly as "MW" did. It started off as something to do with friends, but then I would just start doing it by myself. I was getting high all hours of the day, and when I wasn't getting high I was thinking about getting high. I'd decline going out and being social just so I could stay in my room. But over time I got bored with it, realized that I was missing out on life, and so cut myself off cold turkey. It burned at first but I managed, until the part of me that was so addicted seemed like a completely different person.

But now, it's all come undone. A more powerful, fresher version of "MW" has come out. MrB said to me "you don't seem all that anxious" and I wasn't. But then I got my first taste of it, and it reminded of years past. Instantly I was hooked. I told myself "only one hour, then I need to go do stuff." And I stuck to that. But then 9:30 rolled around, and I really didn't have anything to do. "One more hit, just to help me sleep," and so I went back for more. And now I can't stop thinking about it.

(It's funny how much I've been thinking about Modern Warfare 2 since last night, it almost started feeling like an addiction. Thus this post. I bet if I went through my gaming history, and found the times when I was really into multiplayer games - Call of Duty, C & C Generals, Counterstrike, etc - there would be a noticeable dip in my GPA for that time period, but also a dip in how much money I spent on going out and drinking. There's two sides to every coin.)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mohawk for a Day

As a corporate drone in good standing it is expected of me that I will dress in business casual every day and remain properly groomed. I usually do a pretty good job of this, though some days my 5 o'clock shadow turns into a 10 o'clock shadow, but for the most part I do a decent job of it.

However, as part of my Halloween costume I decided to go with a mohawk and a goatee. It was fun to do something different for the weekend, but laziness rolled around by Sunday night, and I figured, "Eh, what could one day with a mohawk really do? It's not terribly noticeable." So off I went to work in the morning, rocking the mohawk. And to tell you the truth? No one really noticed. A guy on my team mentioned that he liked it, but for the most part it was radio silence out there.

And then that night I had E cut it off. Tempting fate one day was enough. There will come a day in the future when it will return, but when that is no one can say.