Friday, October 23, 2009


Movies typically make me do one of 5 things:
  1. Laugh.
  2. Smile with joy.
  3. Think.
  4. Cry.
  5. Bored.
However, there are only two movies that I can think of that have made me feel something new. Dread. The first time I watched it was when I saw No Country for Old Men. I had heard good things about it from other people but didn’t know much about the plot going in, and man, I was just blown away. Hopefully you’ve seen the movie already, but there’s a part where the main character Llewelyn is hiding out in a motel, and hitman Anton is slowly stalking his way through the place. Watching this seemingly unstoppable man-beast methodically hunting his prey really got my heart going, and this sense of dread came over me. Truly an awesome feeling considering I was watching something on screen and it’s not like I was the one in danger.

The second time I’ve had this feeling was just this past week. Netflix is letting us catch up on a ton of movies, and one that I never got a chance to see when it was in the theater was United 93. I remember there was controversy surrounding the movie when it first came out (for good reason), but I don’t know of anyone that actually saw it. We watched it Wednesday night, and here’s the thing: Just because you know how a story ends doesn’t mean it still can’t be an amazing experience. Once again this feeling of dread crept over me, as the movie started with a slow burn all the way ended.

Anyway, both movies are highly recommended, if you haven’t seen them. I hope you get to experience the same things I did.


KiltRunner said...

I would have lumped United 93 in with #4, but dread definitely worked with that movie. Good call.

Kuhmandi said...

I still get a little flushed with anger whenever I see movies about 9/11. The only way I think I could ever support one is if every single penny of the profits went to charity or to the families, otherwise it's just disgusting...

Kuhmandi said...

On a lighter note, I don't know if you saw it, but Zombieland is hilarious, I highly recommend it!

Gregor said...

It definitely made me do #4 a bit too.

Gregor said...

And I read something to that effect the other day, Kuhmandi, but then someone commented "do you feel the same way about the movie Pearl Harbor?" I thought "no, because I wasn't alive for Pearl Harbor." I think anything that makes me think about a historical event in a thought provoking manner isn't necessarily a bad thing. And it reminded how I felt that day, which I hadn't thought about in while, sadly.

The Pearl Harbor movie was trash, though. :P