Thursday, September 10, 2009

Downhill From Here

About a year ago I wrote an post about the Brewers, and how they seemed to be sleeping walking into October. And now....we'll, the Brewers have been sleep walking since early July, and it's kind of hard to watch. They're 17 games out of first place in the division, and there's no chance of making the playoffs. And so you start looking to next year. Should the manager keep playing the veterans, in a hope to win games and try to salvage their record? Or do they play the younger guys more excessively, like shortstop Alcides Escobar, outfielder Jason Bourgeois, and 3rd Baseman Mat Gamel to get them some big league experience in possible preparation for next year? If I was Ken Macha, I'd start looking towards next year. The Brewers will need to spend a decent amount of money in order to bring in some better pitching, so they will almost certainly have to start less expensive younger guys in order to make up for it. It makes sense to see what they can do in the remaining month, and help them build some confidence coming in to next year.

A lot of fans are disappointed with the Brewers this season, and for good reasons. After a slow start to the season the Brewers were white hot in May and June, having one of the best stretches in all of baseball. Everyone had thoughts of post-season baseball, but injuries (Rickie Weeks, Dave Bush) and ineffectiveness (Bill Hall, JJ Hardy, Corey Hart, etc) took their toll, and so we sit at 66 wins and 73 losses.

Just because they're out of playoff contention doesn't mean you should stop watching, however. The last weeks worth of games have been very close and exciting, and the players you're seeing might just be the future of the team. So keep on cheering our boys on, I know I will be.