Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wednesday Comics

I like comics of all sorts, including webcomics (Chad introduced me to Daisy Owl, which is quite good) and comic books. Typically new comic books go on sale on Wednesday at your local comic book shop. New comics typically look like this.

They usually tell the tale of one character, or group of characters that are on a team. However, DC Comics, creators of Batman and Superman, have decided to experiment with a new format starting Wednesday. Measuring 14" by 20," this format is known as "Wednesday Comics," and is meant to invoke memories of reading the Sunday Comics from when you were a kid. Each print has stories about 15 different characters or groups, and over the next 12 weeks will unfold easily accessible stories about major characters (like the two mentioned before) and some obscure ones like Sgt. Rock and Deadman.

It's only $3.99, and I'll be picking up a copy for sure (though probably not until the weekend.

(Tim Callahan from CBR had a great write-up about it, if you're interested in finding out more information).

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