Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Encounters in the Animal Kingdom

My encounters with animal life have been documented before, but this one is rather odd. I had a volleyball game last night that I arrived far too early for, so I decided to grab my disc golf discs and practice throwing them around the park (don't judge me). As I walked past the tennis courts to pick up my previously thrown disc I noticed a chipmunk standing on it's back legs, looking at me from the middle of the grass near my disk. I cautiously walked closer to it, and when I got about 2 feet away it scampered into it's hole. I laughed it off, bent down to pick up my disc, and looked up to noticed that there were 8 more chipmunks, all staring right at me from their individual holes. Like so.

I've never seen that many chipmunks in one place. They were like prairie dogs, with all their interconnecting holes within a 40 ft. radius. What the what? Do chipmunks always do this? David Seville would not be pleased.


Chad said...

It's do bad you didn't have a big rubber mallet.

Gregor said...

Whack a 'Munk is a hometown favorite back in Egger.