Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chop 'Em Down

The landscaping around our house isn't particularly good. There's some bushes in the front, and some patches of wood chippings around the back where the rose bushes are, but the north side of the house is completely neglected. The dead brush and bushes were cleared out earlier this year by one of the roommates so that he could get his motorcycle into the back yard, but since then it has been overrun by burdock. This is what it looked like (Click pics to biggerize them):

At this point is was nearly 6 feet tall, and thick as thieves. I will stand no such aggression on my territory, however. I took that patch of burdock behind the woodshed and beat it down.

My instrument of chopping?

Hahah, just kidding. I just used a hand scythe that I borrowed from back home.

Back in my younger years one of the many tasks I took upon my self was going into the field across from our house and chopping down all of the burdock that would flair up. It was good exercise, and I would pretty much go into a berserker rage with the hand scythe, chopping and slashing until the field was laid to waste. Probably one of my favorite chores.

Anyways, it'll probably take a few more times before the burdock stays dead, but that's ok with me. I was born to chop.

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