Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Damn You Frank Catalanotto

So Sunday we went to the Brewer game, and Frank Catalanotto for the Brewers is announced to come up to bat.

Pic from Wikipedia

And ever since then I've had his damn entrance song stuck in my head. Give it a listen.

Dammit Catalanotto, do you realize what you've done? That song is down right infectious! Since then I've been singing "Your Love" by The Outfield (appropriate, no?) in my head, whistling it while walking out of the building yesterday, and even was caught singing it at home last night. Thanks Frank, you jerk!


Ric said...

That's because it's a great song. And thanks cuz it's in my head now.

Also, the lead singer might be Scott Baio's brother. No?

Chad said...

This song was on the valentines day power hour. Had you of actually listened to it you'd be writing a post called "Damn you Chad Bergeron".

Caught in your own web of lies greg.

Dealz said...

HA. Go Crew. Just joined your blog. Im from milwaukee. Hope to see you guys at my blog. Check it out. Great tips there for blog-building and getting web traffic to your blog/website. :)