Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Randomings, Vol. 5

Man, it's been a while since I've done one of these, eh? Let's get to it!


This is probably one of the funniest things I've read all week. Prince Fielder isn't exactly known for his speaking ability, but the line "I don't know. I just work here" cracks me up to no end. Good stuff, Prince.


You know life is crapping on you when you're standing at a restroom sink, trying to get the automatic sensor to recognize that your hands are in front of it, when the sink next to yours turns on, even though there's no one in front of it.


First day of Summerfest is downright insane. The number of people coupled with the heat made for an interesting time, but all in all it was very enjoyable. At the US Cellular Connection stage they have a massive screen that you can send texts and pics to, and some of the messages are ridiculous. My favorite was "The basest is my new best friend."


This is the first I've seen or heard of the movie Daybreakers, and holy cow that is a high concept. I do love me some vampire movies, but this spins it on it's head in a very neat way.


While at The Toys show last night they mentioned (before playing Sex on Fire) that the Kings of Leon show at the Bradley Center in September was already sold out. Seriously? Now, I had heard that they had played a soldout show at Madison Square Garden, but I didn't think it would sellout so quick here in Wisconsin. Kings of Leon: Biggest band that no one is really talking about?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Best Show You're Not Watching

Yes, I know it's summer and you're probably too busy doing fun outside things, but do yourself a solid and set your DVR to record the television show "How I Met Your Mother." Traditional sit-coms might not be as popular as they once were, but one show refuses to go quietly into thy good night. The premise is simple: 5 friends that live in New York. It's like Friends, but doesn't suck.* The main character is Ted, who is describing to his kid's in a very roundabout way, how he met their mother. There's some recognizable characters, as Barney is played by Neil Patrick Harris, and is downright awesome as a corporate lothario.

Marshall, played by Jason Segel of Forgetting Sarah Marshall fame, is hilarious too.

Here's a clip.

See what I mean? It's the perfect mix of goofy, surreal, and hilarious that makes me happy. Give it a try, it's got the Gregor Seal of Approval™

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Damn You Frank Catalanotto

So Sunday we went to the Brewer game, and Frank Catalanotto for the Brewers is announced to come up to bat.

Pic from Wikipedia

And ever since then I've had his damn entrance song stuck in my head. Give it a listen.

Dammit Catalanotto, do you realize what you've done? That song is down right infectious! Since then I've been singing "Your Love" by The Outfield (appropriate, no?) in my head, whistling it while walking out of the building yesterday, and even was caught singing it at home last night. Thanks Frank, you jerk!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Halfway There

So this year I made New Year's Resolutions and to help myself keep on track I posted them here for all the world to see. Let's see how we're doing, shall we?
  1. Get Trained in CPR. Well, I had pretty much forgotten about this one until I reviewed my resolutions. This might be a late summer addition to my schedule; with softball and volleyball taking up two of my weeknights at the moment time free time is a precious luxury.
  2. Setup an IRA and get finances in order. The IRA will be something to setup closer to the end of the year, but I've been steadily using for all of my purchases the past 5 months, and that's really helped me to see how much money I piddle away on unnecessary things.
  3. Start doing Habitat for Humanity again. I labeled this one as a "big one," and thus I failed pretty big in doing nothing about it. I excuse to myself was "well, in college it was easy to just sign up and go work for a Saturday." Signing up to help out the County affiliate takes a bit more work. More research is needed to find out exactly what I need to do.
  4. Go Skydiving. Looks like this is going to happen July 2nd. Woohoo!
  5. Get up to 200 lbs, and stay there. I still hover around the 195-198 lb area, which seems to be where my body is comfortable at with minimal exercise and healthy eating. Saturday the roommates and myself started doing Power 90, a 90 day workout routine, so we'll see if that helps with the weight gaining. Honestly though, getting up to 200 lbs really isn't that big of deal to me anymore. As long as I'm fit and healthy, no matter the weight.
  6. Visit another country. As mentioned in the previous post, this one was achieved in February, and was a great time. However, rumors of going to Austria to visit Ric's brother have been bouncing around, so if goal #2 continues I should be able to swing that later this fall.
  7. Get back into computers/take my job more seriously. This was a two part one, and career-wise I'm doing great. I'm about halfway through a month-long project where I'm in charge of a group of people, and even though I'm coming to work early and putting in long hours I really do love it. Hopefully after this project I can continue to be given plenty of work to keep me busy. On the personal side I still need to build a computer, but I pushed this off until fall because I'm rarely use my PC during the summer. It pays to wait a few months for prices to come down and for newer parts to become available.
So that's the wrap-up. All in all I'd say that I'm doing alright, but I've definitely been slacking in certain areas. No time like the present to kick it into high gear.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Low Man on the Totem Pole

Sometimes at work I feel like Rodney Dangerfield: I just can't get no respect. It probably doesn't help that occasionally I'm put in charge of other people and these other people are almost always my seniors by 10 years. This can make for an awkward working arrangement, because telling someone that's been married for 15 years and has a family at home that they're doing things incorrectly when I look like I just stepped off the bus from college seems kind of odd. If we swapped positions would I respect a 24 year old kid telling me how to do my menial task? Meh, probably not.

The idea of respect, in every aspect of life, interests the amateur sociologist in myself. Why do certain groups of people get respect, just because of arbitrary factors? Does the "mature" generation deserve respect just because they're old? That doesn't seem fair. There's probably a whole bunch of crappy people in that generation, so I'd argue the fact that they shouldn't be given a blank check when it comes to respect. (I'm sure Chad could enlighten us with tales of "The Greatest Generation" from his weekend job).

So I toil on, extolling the virtues the "respect should be earned, not given." Meanwhile I continue to attempt to earn the respect of co-workers, by doing my job as flawlessly as possible. Getting respect through hard work seems to be a good path to take.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birfday!

So today is the 75th birthday of the esteemed Donald Duck. In honor of that I present a favorite clip from when I was a lad, in which Mickey, Goofy, and Donald go camping. I wish I had a camper just like theirs.

Happy Birthday Donald!

(Oh, it's also the 1 year anniversary of In The Fade. That's right, one year ago today I first dipped into blogging, and 208 posts later here we are. Thanks for reading, commenting, arguing and debating. And many happy returns.)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Query for All

How much popcorn do you think you could eat on an empty stomach? I'm thinking I could eat the second to largest one in the back row of the pic. It just seems like you're eating nothing at all Do you think you could eat popcorn continuously until you grew tired of chewing? It seems my hunger for it goes away, or my jaw gets sore, before I really fill up.

Just something to think about on a boring Thursday.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You're Too Young

It's a beautiful time of year for dorks like myself. Not only is there a plethora of movies in theatres that I want to see, but E3, the world's largest video game expo, is currently going on. And that is a great thing. So as I try to find a decent website to watch the trailer for the newly announced Left 4 Dead 2, I find this. Hooray, I think to myself.

So I click the play button and I am presented with this.

I chuckle to myself as I set my birthday to January 1, 1932. Seriously, what the hell is the point of this? Does this simple check get video companies off the hook when parents are upset that little Timmy saw a zombie's head get exploded? And what kid is going to honestly put in his real birthday after the first time? It just seems foolish to me.