Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pay to Play

In general, I'm a tightwad. In most cases I'll take some sort of inconvenience to pay less for something (6 people in a taxi cab, nosebleed seats for a Brewer game, etc). But as of late I've been doing the opposite, paying more for utter comfort.

Folks, let me introduce you to IPic.

Tickets for movies are $14, which is sort of steep, but the benefits quickly outweigh the cost.
  • First, the video and sound are both digital, so the picture quality is beautiful, and the sound is amazing. It shakes your seats on some of the louder scenes!
  • The seats are reserved, which kinda stinks if you want to sit a huge group together, but we've been pretty fortunate so far.
  • Speaking of the seats, they're love seat-style, with two people sitting together in the back section. And they're comfortable as can be, with a fold down arm rest in between.
  • It's 21 and over after 7 pm, so there's no little kids ruining the movie with their crying and talking. I didn't even realize it until after the movie, but that is awesome.
  • You can drink all sorts of alcohol during your movie. Beer wine, mixed drinks, it's all there.
  • And free popcorn to boot. And you get free tickets for bowling in the attached bowling alley.
Now I wouldn't recommend it for every movie. But it made the experience of Star Trek that much better, in my humble opinion. If you're in the Whitefish Bay area give it a try, I doubt you'll be disappointing.


MrB said...

Just don't bring sweatpants or cammo shorts... it's an upetty place.

Epic Gecko said...

So instead of paying $10 for a movie you're pay $14, getting a more comfortable seat, free popcorn, potentially free bowling, and fewer nuisances? That seems to be worth far more than $4.

MrB said...

Like paying $20 more for a whore without genital gonorrhea.

BLaZE said...

Only improvement they could add is having a pisser at the end of each row so when your getting drunk you don't run the risk of missing a sweet scene mid-movie.