Friday, May 1, 2009

I've Figured out Twitter

When new technology comes out of nowhere I tend to be pretty skeptical. It's just the manner of the beast for me to think, "Bwah, why would anybody use THAT?"

I'm working on that.

It's been about 20 days since BlaZE joined the Twitter nation. And we've been talking about it off and on since then, and I think I've got my head wrapped around it the progression. AIM Away Messeges led to Facebook Status updates, which now has given way to Twitter's Tweets. In high school and college, away messages were how you told everyone what you were up to, posted a funny link, or just blathered on about something. Eventually people started doing the same thing with their Facebook Status, which allowed people to know what was going on even if that original person wasn't on AIM at the time. And now you can find out what people are up to or thinking even if you're not by a computer!

So will I start Twittering now? Nah. Luckily at the moment I'm pretty much surrounded by people, 24/7, that I can tell what I'm thinking, and get instant feedback. Maybe when I'm old, sad, and alone in my mansion with my action figures I'll start Tweeting.

"Had Fiber One and prunes for breakfast this morning. Now it's time to alphabetize my Ninja Turtle figures again."


KiltRunner said...

Twitterbugs have ADD!

BLaZE said...

For someone like you who has blazed the trail of the blog, you sure seem skeptical of fun, borderline-useless, information sharing.

Ric said...

I get it! It's all just one big AIM away message.

Then why do people keep saying this is revolutionary? We're just IMing strangers.

MrB said...

Took you a while.

I also second Blaze's opinion. You're crushing the blogosphere. Tweeter is the same damn thing... only 160 chars at a time.