Friday, May 15, 2009

Gregor's Dirty Laundry

  • I didn't really get into baseball until 2 years ago, even though I played in high school.
  • The first alcoholic drink I had was Hooch. It took about 2 years after that for me to enjoy the taste of beer. And now it's pretty much all I drink.
  • I told Chad that I couldn't pick out the bassline for most songs my Freshman year of college. It's amazing how dumb I was back then.
  • I hardly ever ate hamburgers or cheeseburgers as a kid. It was hot dogs or (if we went out to eat) chicken nuggets, all the way.
  • Going off that, I didn't like steak all the much until high school. I think it was because we could only afford the lowest quality of steaks when I was a kid, so it was usually stringy, and bland as heck.
  • I convinced myself that telling people the truth all the time, no matter what the situation, was a good idea in the beginning of college. It's amazing I maintained any friends at all.
  • You know on the passenger side mirror of cars it says "Objects in mirror are closer than then appear"? Well I used to think that meant if something was too far away from the mirror it would disappear from site. And when it got closer it would pop out of nowhere and reappear.
  • I thought the lead singer of Rush was a female until I was 18.

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BLaZE said...

I relate to:
1. Except I lack knowledge in all sports. I also have no real plans in fixing that.

2. I started drinking by mixing Mt Dew and Pucker. I have never "acquired" the taste of beer like everyone says. I don't know what my problem is, I don't HATE it like when your a kid and you accidentally sip your grandpa's, thinking it's sody-pop. But I would never drink NA beer and and think it compliments anything.. yuck.

3. Until Guitar hero I wouldn't have been able to tell you what the bass was either.

7. I also miffed up that objects in mirror thing as a kid too, I just can't remember what I thought it was.