Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How Would You Spend Your Time?

So let's do a little daydreaming together, shall we? I pose you this question: If you didn't have to wake up tomorrow morning and work for money, how would you spend your time? It's basically like your company is paying you NOT to come int to work, for the rest of your life. You would continue getting paid your current amount of money, with yearly cost of living adjustments, and the occasional "raise," but you wouldn't have to come in to the office or really do anything. So how would you spend your time?

I think the key is this: just because you're not at work doesn't mean you can spend money like it ain't no thang. You've still got to live within your budget, but you've got all these hours in the day to just do whatever you want. So how do you fill them? I think it would start easy enough for me.
  • I would begin cleaning the house, top to bottom, inside AND outside. It could really use it. Than I'd clean out the garage.
  • I would read up on fishing techniques and lakes in the area, and go fishing. I've never been the biggest fan in the fishing, but it seems like something that would be peaceful and relaxing, plus eat up a lot of hours.
  • Many of the volunteer organizations that interest me are looking for full-time volunteers, so this would be a chance to have a 40 hour a week "job" without getting paid. Habitat for Humanity or the River Revitalization Foundation could use a young fella to help with menial labor.
  • I'd expand my pending garden to include a bevy of other veggies, like potatoes, pumpkin, corn, and squash.
  • I would spend more time on the "home farm," chopping wood, removing old farm machinery, and prepping the deer stands. My dad spends an awful lot of time plowing and tilling and cultivating right now, so I'd probably do my best to take over some of that.

And I would love it. The chance for me to do basically whatever I wanted when I wanted would be amazing. But I would make sure I set goals for myself, and setup agendas for everyday, otherwise I fear I would slink into a life of boredom and sloth.

So yeah, that's how I would spend my time.


Chad said...

Wow, I've thought about this alot.

The essential question here is, what can you do with your same salary, but add 8 hours onto your day to spend money during.

I'd like to take an initial investment and build a disc golf course from the woods.
I think that would keep me busy and then I could reap the benefits of my labour.

But if I lived in a subtropical climate.... I could probably spend every single day at the beach, reading, by the ocean. Every day. All day. No Problem.

Ric said...

I'm pretty sure I'd find a way to stay just as busy. Here's what I'd do:

#1: Read. Everything. I'd get back my magazine subscriptions and go to the library on a weekly basis.

#2: Garden. I'd plant and grow a huge garden, where I could try out different herbs, veggies and fruits -- and put my green thumb to the test.

#3: Volunteer. I like variety, so I'd help out at different places -- maybe teach a class at the Red Cross, help with voter registration, work at a local food pantry.

#4: Work out. NOT just at the stupid gym. I'd go on trips depending on the season. rock climbing, kayaking, white water rafting in summer. snowshoeing, skiing, tubing (cuz it IS a sport) in the winter.

#5: Sleep in. About 3 days a week. But I still have to wake up early sometimes, so I can appreciate being in PJs until 11 AM.