Monday, April 27, 2009

How to Blow Someone's Mind

Step 1: Begin talking about XKCD.
Step 2: Bring up the fact that there will be a book produced soon with the comics from XKCD in it.
Step 3: Have someone ask what they're going to do with the mouse-overs (they happen every time you place your mouse over the comic)
Step 4: Have MrB hear this conversation.
Step 5: Watch out for the brain splatter as his mind is blown by this fact.

(His mission for today is to go through all of the old comics and read the mouseovers. It's like he had this favorite toy truck for many years, and today he discovered it could transform into a robot.)


BLaZE said...

The transformer reference is spot on. The mouse-overs are often essential to his strip. If not the cherry on top.

Chad said...

im surprised that you'd even keep reading if you didn't know about the mouse overs.

MrB's noobliness shows it's head again.

MrB said...

Fuck y'all.

To my credit. Once upon a time back in my early resnet days I realized that there were captions... and i remember making a mental note of it... but then i probably stumbled upon a lolcat or something and completely forgot...

now i am sad.