Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Garden Update #1

So after talking about starting my garden, I went out and purchased 10 packets of seeds, a large bag of potting soil, and small starter kit for flowers (it was on sale for the cheap). Add in some pots and containers from Ric's mom, and voila!

I originally planned on labeling all of the pots, so I knew which was which, but that quickly got thrown out the window. I think the big guys are beans, but I honestly have no idea anymore.

These guys were from the starter kit for flowers. I planted some of the seeds in the pot, and the rest into this little container, and wouldn't you know it, the only ones that actually came up were the ones in the extra container.

Originally I was thinking about transplanting the seedlings into different pots outside this weekend, but I might hold off for a bit. Wisconsin's insane weather has me a bit leary.


Ric said...

I'm so excited for ze garden!

But, you forgot to include the avocado plant still at your house. Although, I guess it's being adopted by Michelle. That's okay ... just act like he's not there. HEEE doesn't have any feelings.

Chad said...

hopefully your garden works better than mine did. I might take a second stab at it though because i'm awesome.