Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lean On Me

Bill Withers isn't one of those musical artists that you probably know by name. But dammit, he should be. First of all, he has some downright fantastic songs. Let's start with one of his best known ones.
Lean on Me.

Listen to that voice, man. Just beautiful, even live. Plus he dresses like a downright pimp.

It's hard pulling off the all brown ensemble.

And he can sing the sad songs with the best of them.
Ain't No Sunshine.

And I used to love when we'd see the Blue Olives at Bad Brad's bar in Janesville, because they'd almost always do a swell cover of Use Me. Just close your eyes and you're back in the land of Starsky and Hutch.

So there you have it, next time you find yourself humming "Lean on Me" think of Bill Withers, the man that brought you such great songs.

Monday, April 27, 2009

How to Blow Someone's Mind

Step 1: Begin talking about XKCD.
Step 2: Bring up the fact that there will be a book produced soon with the comics from XKCD in it.
Step 3: Have someone ask what they're going to do with the mouse-overs (they happen every time you place your mouse over the comic)
Step 4: Have MrB hear this conversation.
Step 5: Watch out for the brain splatter as his mind is blown by this fact.

(His mission for today is to go through all of the old comics and read the mouseovers. It's like he had this favorite toy truck for many years, and today he discovered it could transform into a robot.)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Garden Update #1

So after talking about starting my garden, I went out and purchased 10 packets of seeds, a large bag of potting soil, and small starter kit for flowers (it was on sale for the cheap). Add in some pots and containers from Ric's mom, and voila!

I originally planned on labeling all of the pots, so I knew which was which, but that quickly got thrown out the window. I think the big guys are beans, but I honestly have no idea anymore.

These guys were from the starter kit for flowers. I planted some of the seeds in the pot, and the rest into this little container, and wouldn't you know it, the only ones that actually came up were the ones in the extra container.

Originally I was thinking about transplanting the seedlings into different pots outside this weekend, but I might hold off for a bit. Wisconsin's insane weather has me a bit leary.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Laugh It Up

Saturday night we were lucky enough to go to the beautiful Pabst Theater in downtown Milwaukee to see comedian Louis C.K perform. Like dozens of things in my life, I jumped on the bandwagon far later than I honestly should have. I had heard about Louis a few years back, but was too lazy to actually YouTube his name and look up some of his comedy. However we watched his special on Showtime a few months back, and absolutely loved it, and as luck would have it we were offered tickets to go see his show a few days after that. Fate smiles upon you sometimes.

So Louis C.K. is very funny. Here's a clip to peak your interest, but I recommend you sit down and watch one of his specials and have a beer, you'll love it. I can honestly say the show was the hardest I've laughed in a long time. We had pretty good seats, second row in the second floor, so we could see him really well. And we found out a week before going that they were taping the show to make a movie of it, which is really cool. I doubt we'll pop up anywhere in the movie, but it'll be neat to tell my grandkids that "I was there!" while I blow their minds with swearing and violence and sexual jokes.

But there's one thing that nearly ruined the night for me. One thing that nearly made me turn around in my seat and get in a fight. And that's because this lady was sitting directly behind me.

And this is what it sounded like the whole time. Mix in a few "OH MY GAWD!"'s and "OH GAWWWD" and you'll get the full effect. Either this lady was hammered-ass drunk, or had never heard jokes before in her entire life. She was constantly laughing after everyone else would stop, and just wouldn't shut up. Thankfully I managed to focus my chi and ignore her for most of the show, but holy crap did I want to strangle her for the first 10 minutes.

Anyways, it was a great show (here's a recap from The Decider), and I highly recommend everyone to check out a show at the Pabst Theater if you get a chance. That place is beautiful.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Never Seen That

I like talking about movies, because everyone has seen movies they like, movies they hate, and movies that moved them. But what I really like finding out is movies that people haven't seen. One tends to take for granted that someone our age, growing up in America has seen certain movies, but there will always be those that have fallen through the cracks. Take me, for instance. I've never see Scarface, any of the Godfathers, and up until a few months ago had never seen True Lies. Isn't that kind of odd? You'd figure that a guy of my age would have seen all of these, but no dice. And it's not just me, either. FortNight hasn't seen Hook, the 1991 CLASSIC Peter Pan movie starring Robin Williams. And my friend Carolyn hadn't seen The Goonies until a few years ago, which is practically blaspheme in my house. So I ask you, fair readers, are there any movies you haven't seen that you probably should have by now? Some classic Disney cartoon that escaped your grasp during childhood and you've still never seen it. I'm curious to find out.
(Yes, this whole post was just a reason to throw up a picture of Arnold on my blog, which was severely lacking in him up to this point. I'm sure you don't have a problem with this.)

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Bday IS Coming Up, You Know...

(Click to make it bigger) From Joystiq, the new Batman game comes with an actual batarang. Way too cool, nerd cells overloading.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nobody F's With Da Jesus

So today is Holy Thursday, and in Christian history tomorrow would be the day that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. But Brother, let me tell you how it really happened.

It happened just like this.

Jesus don't take no shit from nobody, and you better believe it. Reason #451 why comic books are awesome.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How Would You Spend Your Time?

So let's do a little daydreaming together, shall we? I pose you this question: If you didn't have to wake up tomorrow morning and work for money, how would you spend your time? It's basically like your company is paying you NOT to come int to work, for the rest of your life. You would continue getting paid your current amount of money, with yearly cost of living adjustments, and the occasional "raise," but you wouldn't have to come in to the office or really do anything. So how would you spend your time?

I think the key is this: just because you're not at work doesn't mean you can spend money like it ain't no thang. You've still got to live within your budget, but you've got all these hours in the day to just do whatever you want. So how do you fill them? I think it would start easy enough for me.
  • I would begin cleaning the house, top to bottom, inside AND outside. It could really use it. Than I'd clean out the garage.
  • I would read up on fishing techniques and lakes in the area, and go fishing. I've never been the biggest fan in the fishing, but it seems like something that would be peaceful and relaxing, plus eat up a lot of hours.
  • Many of the volunteer organizations that interest me are looking for full-time volunteers, so this would be a chance to have a 40 hour a week "job" without getting paid. Habitat for Humanity or the River Revitalization Foundation could use a young fella to help with menial labor.
  • I'd expand my pending garden to include a bevy of other veggies, like potatoes, pumpkin, corn, and squash.
  • I would spend more time on the "home farm," chopping wood, removing old farm machinery, and prepping the deer stands. My dad spends an awful lot of time plowing and tilling and cultivating right now, so I'd probably do my best to take over some of that.

And I would love it. The chance for me to do basically whatever I wanted when I wanted would be amazing. But I would make sure I set goals for myself, and setup agendas for everyday, otherwise I fear I would slink into a life of boredom and sloth.

So yeah, that's how I would spend my time.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And So It Begins...

After an odd and interesting off season and Spring training, the Brewers FINALLY play their first game of the season today (Crap, is it going to be postponed??) And this is a good thing. Towards the last 2 months of the season last year I was becoming a super fan of the team, checking the score everyday, watching games when I could, reading blogs and articles whenever I could. And that's just stewed and grown over the winter to the point that I'm bursting at the seams to see some baseball.

I watched a few preseason games, but that's not the same. I want to watch REAL games, with the stands packed and people cheering. TheGF secured half-price tickets for next Monday's game, so that'll be the first of many games I'll be seeing this year. Hooray for the REAL start of Spring!

Monday, April 6, 2009

He Lives!

Remember back in January when I talked about my early morning run-in with the fox? Well he's all grown up down in Bay View! Take a look.

Though what's that in his jaw...? Oh no!

Sorry kids, you're not getting crap on Sunday.

Friday, April 3, 2009

That's not very scary. More like a six-foot Turkey.

Well I managed to not blog at all this week. And I did manage to accomplish this:

And this:

And also this:
Yep, I watched all three Jurassic Parks this week, all on different channels of varying quality. So I got that going for me.