Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yeah, I'm a Biker

You might be thinking to yourself at this exact moment "Man, this Gregor character sure is cool. But he couldn't have possibly always been this cool, right?" And to that I say wrong. Exhibit A, my main mode of operation from the ages of 16-18:

A 1984 Suzuki FA50 moped. Cherry red. This 50cc 2 stroke hog would cruise the streets of Edgar at a breakneck pace of 26 miles per hour. Downhill.

Anything past 30 on the speedometer was purely for aesthetics.

I fearlessly cruised the streets in my chopper, a trail of dust in my wake. The ferocious *WEEEEEEEEEEEEE* of the engine would cause people to hide in their homes, for they knew that trouble would be coming.

I always wanted to bring her down to Whitewater with me, but it's pretty much an antique at this point, and I figured it would be damaged or stolen. Plus it's technically my dad's moped, though I don't think he drives it too much anymore, which is a shame. That thing gets like 60 mpg. Too bad the gas tank only holds about a gallon.

Oh, and my grandpa had a matching blue one.

How cool is that? I might keep my eyes open for one just like it, it would be perfect for bombing around the neighborhood to pick up groceries and the like.


Ric said...

I hope you had a matching helmet.

Anonymous said...

woot woot grape slushies!!!

BLaZE said...

Sweet ride. I'm jealous, all I had was this.