Thursday, March 26, 2009

What I'm Watching

So it's dawned on me that I watch a lot more TV than I used to, thanks mainly to having a DVR and abundant free time after work. Here's the list of shows I watch regularly.
  • The Office - A staple for our house, every time there's a new episode we gather 'round to watch it together. This season seemed to be spinning it's wheels for a while (now that Pam and Jim are together), but Michael seems to finally be cracking.
  • Lost - As I talked about here I've been watching this season of Lost very regularly, and I'm loving it so far. Time travel is often botched by most forms of media, but Lost seems to be doing a good job of keeping it straight. Hopefully I'll be going back and watching the older seasons to get caught up.
  • How I Met Your Mother - I started this show on a whim a few weeks back, and so far I've been pretty impressed with it. It's a standard sitcom for the most part, but the cast is fantastic (Neil Patrick Harris! Jason Segel!), and the jokes are better than most other shows on.
  • South Park - Season 13 just started, and other than a couple good things (Mickey Mouse still cracks me up) it hasn't been too spectacular.
  • Ax Men - Season 2 just started, and it's about as insane as ever. Having two goofballs trying to fish logs out of a river is endless amounts of entertainment.
And that's about it. I stopped watching Heroes because I'm not a masochist, and that show was going absolutely nowhere. I pray it gets canceled after this season.

Anyways, what are YOU folks watching? Any recommendations?


Chad said...

Gaper Capers on the Goatse network.

Gregor said...

I can't wait for Time Warner to pick that up. Watching bootleg videos of it online is rough.

Ric said...

I love Lost and The Office; and I also watch 30 Rock (!), Jeopardy and Antique's Road Show.

I don't have your luxuries like DVR.

Ric said...

or cable.

Belle said...

Life and NCIS. I'm a sucker for detectives and forensics. Thus why I wake up every morning to watch a rerun of a Crossing Jordan episode. Other than those two shows, I watch The Office and 30 Rock, and House, but to be honest, I've really lost an interest in watching TV in general lately, much like Chadley, and am looking forward to walking around the 'hood and learning how to ride a bike in traffic. EEEEK

Gregor said...

Ah yeah, I forgot about 30 Rock. And once the season for all the shows ends in May my TV watching drops to pretty much nothing (besides Brewer games) until September and October. I'm ok with that.