Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome to 2005

Ric talked about her experiences with Facebook here, and as luck would have it I've recently had an interesting experience with it myself. One of my roommates (let's go ahead and call him FortNight) it's probably the only person I know within my age range that doesn't have Facebook. He's never really explained why this is so, just that "it's not for him." Well, something changed, and he decided he wanted to get Facebook now. And that something was this:

Yes, FortNight loves his iPhone more than life itself, and thus decided to jump into Facebook so that he can use his iPhone even more than he already does. So last night we went about setting up his account, and then I went through some old pictures that I knew he was in and tagged him. But here's the thing: he doesn't want to be contacted by old high school and college friends, doesn't want people to know when he's online, and doesn't want to update anything. So what's he want to use it for?

Reece Witherspoon. Even wearing shades to cover her eyes. A true pro.

Snipin'(definition #7) and creepin', baby, snipin' and creepin'.

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Chad said...

#1) Let it be known that I officially call FortNight a huge no-holds-barred fag. That's like deciding to sign up for weight watchers or that fucking nutrisystem thing that barragan was on and then not eating any of the food.

Besides, who wouldn't want to keep in touch with all of their old friends from high school and especially college unless he was ridiculed mercilessly for... see #1.

That and I enjoy looking at how much better I am than all of my enemies.