Friday, March 20, 2009

Too Much Fiber

I meant to add a footnote to my post yesterday about this, but that Fiber One bar I had before the run? Terrible idea. Ric had warned me previously about them, in that they might be very delicious (and they are), but they also give you atrocious amounts of gas. And she was right. It didn't hit me until we went out later that night to celebrate St. Patrick's day, and within 10 minutes of being out I needed to take a righteous poop. But 12 hours of drinkers had downright demolished any reasonable bathroom into TP-less wastelands of vomit and urine, so I decided that waiting until I got home was the best idea.

The lesson to be learned? Next time you're constipated just mow down on a Fiber One bar. You won't have that problem for long.


KiltRunner said...

I've been really curious about that FiberOne brand since watching the Biggest Loser. Thanks for the good info and for being a test bunny. Yay for pooping!

Ric said...

I love love love FiberOne brand foods. I think it's mainly the taste, but ooh is that aftermath gratifying. It's a win-win.

BLaZE said...

Now I understand why you guys left so fast.