Wednesday, March 4, 2009

That First Impression

Depending if you're a male or a female you will have different thoughts when you see this face:

If you're a male, you probably see Lucius Vorenus, a centurion in Ceaser's army from the HBO series Rome. If you're a female you probably think of Dr. Owen Hunt from ABC TV show Grey's Anatomy. Kevin McKidd has popped up in many movie and TV shows, but chances are that you know him from one of those. So this weekend while killing time on the boat I was watching Made of Honor (don't judge me), and who should pop up but Mr. McKidd himself! And it's downright jarring to see him playing anyone but Lucius, the angriest man in all of Rome. For me it'll always go like this: "Oh hey, Lucious is playing a reporter who's traveling through time. That'd be funny if we went back to 49 BC and meet himself."

While I wouldn't say actors have a difficult job, I would say they have an interesting one, in that they have to fall into a role and a character, but not too much so that no one remembers who you really are. And on the flip side, you don't want to be known as that guy, or defined as your most famous character. Isn't that right, Pie-Fucker? Or how about you, Harry? I wish you, and those other actors like you, the best of luck in shrugging off your title. If Neil Patrick Harris can do it, I think pretty much anyone can.

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Ric said...

You mean like any role Adam Sandler has ever starred in. If he's not getting the crap beat out of him by Bob Barker, nothing's right with the world.

And by that I mean I don't think he can play a serious role without being criticized.