Thursday, March 19, 2009

Run Like Hell

Unlike those other people I loathe running. Unless I'm running for a purpose, like being chased by secret agents or wild animals, I find myself getting terribly bored. However, the weather on Tuesday was so nice down here I figured that going for a run would be a good idea. Even though I work out a bit in the winter months my aerobic exercise is pretty limited. So I got home from work, had myself a Fiber One Granola bar for energy, and then headed outside. I had plotted out a course that would take me around the neighborhood, about a 3 mile trek. After stretching a bit, I started off and within 40 feet realized I'd have to amend my trip to something much shorter. I decided to just run to Lake Michigan and back, not wanting to give myself shin splints or anything of that nature. 2 blocks into it and I was sweating already. The combo of a short sleeve and a long sleeve t-shirt was too much, but it would have to do. After cross the last rode before Atwater Park, I decided to take a little break and check out the view. Even in March it's quite a view from the bluff, and there were groups of people walking on the sand below and playing in the jungle gym.
After sitting for about 5 minutes I decided to head back, and made it about 3 blocks before my body pulled a mutiny and decided that walking sounds much better. And so I walked the rest of the way home. A grand total of .89 miles was covered, .4 of that was running.
But I shall not give up. I plan on running again today. Maybe the cooler temperatures will keep me moving at a steady pace. I'm going to try to take the same route as last time, and run it the whole way (with a nice break in the park, of course). Right now I'm in "video game shape," and I'd like to take the next step into "softball shape" before that season begins.


Ric said...

otherwise you'll just have to hit HRs so you can walk those bases instead.

Belle said...

I also loathe running and, though I tried to learn to like it, I don't. I hate it. I also don't understand the runner's high. I've never enjoyed running long enough to get one, and if I want to get high, it only takes me 1 minute, not 5 miles. LAAAAME.

BLaZE said...

Haha, I guess we will postpone the tuesday track workout invite for a future, unforeseen date.