Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Randomings Vol. II

Friday's post was rather sad, but it was something that was on my mind. As I've been blogging I've discovered that if something is tickling my fancy than I really need to just write about it right then and there, otherwise all ambition will be gone.

And then sometimes I just want to link you to funny things on zee internet. Here we go!


I've been watching Kenan Thompson since he was on All That on Nickelodeon in the 90s, so I thought he was a natural to be on Saturday Night Light a few years back. Honestly, this is probably the first skit of his that I really enjoyed, though. And the fact that Charles Barkley just got a DUI just makes it funnier. Agreed!


So we saw Watchmen yesterday, and as your resident nerd I would like to give the typical nerd answer: "The book was better." And it's true. The reason that Watchmen has been called unfilmable is because the novel is far too deep, without too many nuances and too many things that you can only do in comics to be accurately depicted in any other medium. Now, the movie did a pretty good job adapted the book (and I have to tip my hat to Zack Snyder for not allowing the studio to tear it apart like so, but I'm curious to hear the thoughts from someone who hasn't read the book. Did it makes sense? Was there too much exposition?
Lev Grossman from Time sums up my thoughts very, very well in this article.


This sounds like a pretty sweet deal. I'm all for supported local Minor League sports teams (Hello Admirals), and the fact that the Timber Rattlers are part of the Brewers farm system gives one such as myself a good chance to scout out some of the Brewers of the future.


My nieces turn 4 years old and 2 years old this month, and rather than buy them even more toys (they're the only grandchildren on both sides of the family, so they're terrifically spoiled) I'm thinking about something that gets them out of the house. I think a day at a local indoor waterpark would be pretty swell, right? Maybe their Uncle Gregor will even go himself.


Personal Finance is something I've taken more interest in this last year, and one of my big resources is The Simple Dollar. Trent writes multiple posts a day about different things to help yourself get your finances back in order and save everyday money. His Monday mailbag is particularly good.


And you think your life is bad? F*** My Life will help cheer you up.

Happy Monday folkz.


Ric said...

"Our next guest has won 14 gold medals and two bronze, which works out well for me, given my werewolf-like fear of silver."

I'm glad you're opening their eyes.

KiltRunner said...

I discovered F My Life about 2 weeks ago and ever since, things have really been looking up for me. lol!

Kuhmandi said...

I've got to say that I saw Watchmen and I thought it was awesome. Having not read the novel was not a problem since I'm not retarded, so I feel like I was able to follow the plot easily. Unless of course I read the novel and then realize that everything I thought I knew was wrong...