Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Lament of a Grapefruit

Woe is me, for I am but a Grapefruit. While my cousins Orange and Tangerine are peeled and eaten on a daily basis, and Lemon and Lime are used for drinks of all sorts, I sit neglected on the shelves. Who will eat me? Who would go through all the work of cutting me in half, and then cutting all of my little sections apart, and finally spooning me out?

And why would they want to? For sometimes I am tart, and sometimes I am sweet, and it really is a gamble to see what I will end up being. And if I don't meet your standards you douse me with sugar to cover the tartness. It's ok, I understand.....I'm not as sweet as you would like. I'll try harder, I really will. Oh woe, woe is me.

(As an aside, who knew that people actually peeled and ate grapefruit like this. Do any of you do it like that? Seems easier to just eat it with a spoon)


Chad said...

I'm a fan of grapefruit but I always end up spending grocery money on things like lunchmeat instead.

Ric said...

ugghh. The only proper way to eat grapefruit is with a spoon.

Belle said...

Grapefruit is a food intended for people with enough time on their hands for the process. People with less time eat things like dry cereal and hard boiled eggs and cold pizza. Such is my life, and I LIKE IT.