Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hot Hot Heat

As talked about here, we just got back from a vacation to the Bahamas. Ric did a good job summing it all up (it truly was a fantastic time), and I'd definitely do it again in a heartbeat. But now that I'm back, I still carry the look of a vacationer, namely a light sunburn on my face. Despite going tanning for a few weeks prior to the trip, I still missed some spots with the sunscreen, and my forehead is now peeling like a snake. And it's GROSS. I momentarily thought about adding some pics to this post, but a quick trip to Google Images almost started making me dry heave. Do NOT Google "skin peeling" unless you want to skip lunch. So here's some big eared puppies instead.

So anyways, after a shower in the morning I feel like I've been in the desert for 3 days, so I put some lotion on my forehead to cover up the dried skin, but of course I miss a few spots. Hiding in my cube is not an option.

My parents had just gotten back from their vacation to Mexico when we left for the Bahamas, and she said that half their crew of people looked like they had leprosy....aaack. The only time I can remember being that burnt was San Diego when I was a middle schooler. I didn't realize I would get sunburnt because it didn't seem that hot, but my ears were so sunburnt that they blistered. Delicious.

And the best part about this sunburn? It'll probably be completed faded by the end of March. Darn you Wisconsin spring.

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