Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Green Thumb

Having a house, a bit of ambition, and some resolve to not be bored has made me decide to try growing a garden this summer. Originally I thought about digging out some dirt in our backyard to plant some things, but I think for my first growing experience I'm going to try something different and grow things in the pots that were left behind by our landlord. Rather than buying (pleasing to the eye, but otherwise of no value) flowers to fill them I think I'll use the 4 or 5 pots for vegetables. And when the tomatoes and peppers begin to ripen it'll give some nice color to the front of the house.

So what's step one? Figure out what I should grow. I'm looking at cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, and green peppers to start off with. All of them should be easy enough, and I could see eating them in the fall when they're ready to be harvested. There's an "Urban Garden Store" right around the corner called Garden Room that I'll probably be buying the seeds from, and I'll hopefully be blogging about the status of the garden as the growing season gets closer.


Ric said...

Nothing's better than picking a plump tomato right off the vine, slicing it up, frying up some bacon, adding lettuce and making BLTs in late summer.

Ric said...


BLaZE said...

You should get the ingrediants for pesto. Victoria has this small planter out in front and honestly that stuff grows like weeds. We tear down almost all of it and the next week its back for consuming. I believe she has Basil, Peppermint, (This grass looking stuff) and maye something else. I don't even know what goes in Pesto, but I know it uses a lot of of plant. And its delicious.

KiltRunner said...

What I wouldn't give to grow my own pigs and tomatoes. BLTs never get old.
Blaze is right. With limited space and no yard I've tried growing herbs indoors from seeds with little luck so I went to Home Depot last summer and just spent a few bucks on some small starter plants. This way I could reap the benefits sooner, and it really paid off. I'll do the same this year and was thinking of adding more herbs and jalapenos and/or tomatoes. Fresh salsa anyone?