Monday, February 2, 2009

Hell Hath No Fury Like...

....a nerd scorned. And the examples are mounting up more and more as Hollywood has dipped into the well of "nerdy" topics more in the past few years. Since 1998 the top grossing movie for 6 of those years has been either a comic book, sci-fi, or fantasy literature movie. Crazy, eh? And 2009 is looking like more of the same, with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, a reboot of Star Trek, GI Joe: Rise of Cobra, Watchmen, and X-Men Origins - Wolverine all coming out this year. But here's the thing: these are all adaptations of existing media, whether it's comics, action figure lines, cartoons, or classic TV shows. And all of these franchises of install bases of fans, with their own perceptions on how movies adaptations should be done. And when things don't appear to be going as planned....well, the bitching begins to reach pandemic levels.

I admit, when I first heard that Peter Jackson was going to be directing an adaptation of Lord of the Rings, I was a bit scared. How could he possibly hope to adapt such a thick-with-details novel into three movies? But apprehension eventually turned to excitement, and we were left with 3 great movies. Sure, things were changed, characters dropped or changed to fit the plot, but in general I agreed with the decision-making. And if I didn't like how something was done I could always go back and read the books to have it "my way." So I sound the horn for nerds everywhere when I say, "Just enjoy the movies for what they are: adaptations. You've always got the original to look back on. And they'll probably bring in new fans to your hobby of choice, which is definitely a good thing."

Personally, I'm really excited for all those movies I listed above. None of them may change the landscape of cinema as we know it, but as long as I can see giant robots being the stuffing out of each other and Special Forces Ninjas diving through buses I'll be a pretty happy camper.

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Belle said...

You are such a nerd. I wish you were black so I could call you a blerd. I have a soft spot for comic books stuff, heroes and shit, so I poke fun, but I too am a nerd. Or should I say, nerdette