Friday, January 16, 2009

It's interesting to me to see what goes into the domain name of a specific website. The ones the interest me the most are the ones that are the simplest. Do they actually pertain to what they're supposed to? Let's have a look.
  • This one points you to Cnet's main site, which deals in technology news. Considering Cnet is owned by CBS you would think they would claim for their CBS News site.
  • "The first word in bettting since 1996," this one is kind of surprising. But, if they managed to snag the url back in 1996 (when the internet was still a baby) then it makes sense they'd still have a hold on it.
  • Hey, this one is still open to be purchased! I bet they're asking a ridiculous price for it, though.
  • A nice all-encompassing site with movie reviews, top box office, and upcoming DVD releases.
  • This one is surprising, too. At first glance it appears to be a generic Maxim rip-off site. But their Beer section is actually pretty well done.
  • Another one owned by CBS, this seems to be a site for people that haven't heard of Google or Yahoo, I suppose.
  • A pleasent surprise, this site seems to be all encompassing for someone looking to run their own business.
  • This one re-directs you to GameSpot, a video game news and review site. Same idea as Cnet, having a generic name go to your specific site.
So look over that list again? Anything kind of stick out to you? How about the fact that of those 8, you probably only know 2 of them, if any. So what's that tell you? It doesn't matter what the name of your site is, all the matters is the content. Plus, we all know that the best domain name is already taken, right?


Chad said...

i'd like a shout out here for suggesting the name "grapedrank".

Gregor said...

I'll take it one step further and thank the crazy black guy from the party at the Blue House.

Ric said...

ahahaha. You mean the guy carrying around that jug of purple shit?

I'm pretty sure he had a high top fade too.