Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Garage Band

It starts out like everyone else's story. Two friends decide to get together after school and jam in a basement. One with his beat up Stratocaster that be bought at the local music store, then other with his hand-me-down drum set that his dad used to play. As time goes on, some friends come over to listen to the guys practice while playing Halo. After some razzing, one of them steps up to the mic, and believe it or not, being in choir for 3 years actually turned him into a decent singer. And piano lessons as a kid left him with an old keyboard that was still usable. After picking out a handful of songs that everyone can play decently well, Singer informs the band that he has a cousin that can play bass. And thus the 4-Some is created.

They come together 3 days a week to practice, and after practicing a full setlist 5 weeks in a row they decide it's time. There's a house party coming up, and they inform the host that they'll play an hour long set if they can drink for free. He's a bit leery at first, but owes the Guitarist a favor. The boys are nervous, sure, but they've been practicing hard, and now there's girls to impress. They start off with a bit shaky with "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey, but after the second verse the crowd starts singing along and the boys get in a groove. Led Zeppelin, Harvey Danger, Blink 182, Survivor, they keep the crowd in a good mood while playing beer pong and flip cup. At school the next week everyone mentions to the guys how good of a job they did, which gives them incentive to keep practicing and learning new songs.

Flash forward a few years. All the guys are in college, scattered around the state. But during the school year they continue to practice their craft, and when they're back home for the summer they bring everything they've learned back to the band. Parties give way to bars and weddings, and they start to make a name for themselves in the town.

College is graduated by all, and they find real jobs all in the same big city. But by now they're playing shows nearly every Friday and Saturday night, from May until October. They know they'll never make it big: you don't get famous for playing cover songs (unless you're Badfish). That's not the point. The point is that there's no other feeling like getting up on stage and singing songs that everyone knows, from all sorts of genres, and generally just having a great time.

So what band am I talking about? Every local band, like The Toys, the Sweet Tarts, and the Pink Flamingoes. Bands you see at Summerfest. And the State Fair. And local bars throughout the state. They might not ever make it far, but that doesn't mean they haven't made it big.

To me, anyways.


Chad said...

I want to start a band.... QQ

MrB said...

Same here QQ... but all of you assholes are too lazy to try!

I get discouraged because it's just me in the basement banging away...

take castle crashers for example, i wouldn't play that game for more than 10 minutes if it was single player... but the multiplayer has me totally hooked.

Chad - Bass, back up vocals?
Greg - Guitar, keyboard? vocals?
Ivan - Drums, Guitar? back up vocals?

We need a fourth or a fifth! and Chad needs to come back home and move in with us!

Ric said...

I know about three different chords on a guitar, and I played the violin for four years.

Or, I can play the triangle.