Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Early Morning

My alarm was set for 6:00 AM, but her phone alarm goes off first. We curl up under the covers, waiting out the minutes until the radio alarm kicks in. With a grumble I stagger out of bed and shut it off. Back in bed for a bit, but daylight always wins the fight. The first morning of getting up for work in the new house is now upon me. I get up and put on a t-shirt, some sweatpants, and my slippers, and head into the kitchen for some breakfast. After that, a shower, throw on some work clothes, and out the door by 6:50. It's a brisk Wisconsin morning, and my hand fumbles with the keys while trying to lock the door behind me. Most of sidewalk was clear, but some treacherous patches of ice remain. As I gingerly walk over them I breath in the sharp air and let out a blast of fog from my lungs and smile; I like these early mornings. The sun isn't yet up, and there's barely a car in the street. As I cross the road I see an animal walking it's way towards me down the sidewalk. I squint through the dawn, thinking it's a dog that had gotten loose from it's master's home. But the bushy tail is unmistakable. A fox! Just trotting right towards me, like it was walking down a forest path . I stop for a second to see what he does, but he continues coming until he's about 10 feet away. He stops and looks at me for a second, then carries on his way across the street and away to the neighborhood to the south. Well that's not something that happens very often.

I'll take this as a good omen for the new house, for the new year, and for the new experiences that will surely come.


BLaZE said...

Your layout, combined with the first picture, and first couple sentences paints a very noir-esque blog post.

Cool fox too.

Chad said...

You're lucky that fox didn't have rabies and clamp onto your arm so you had to jog a mile out of the woods with it:


Gregor said...

Luckily I wasn't jogging.

And when I went out this morning to shovel there were paw prints in the fresh snow. Fox came back and wanted to play!