Monday, January 19, 2009

Closing Time

Sometimes I feel like one of the 4 Horsemen (no, not them): everywhere I go locally-owned stores are closing shop. First it was Shag Custom T-Shirts, off of Farwell near North Ave. After talking about it for months, literally, I finally decided to stop in to check it out.....and found out that it had quietly closed up shop a few weeks prior. ran an article the Tuesday after that saying that Shag was closed, but would be re-opening in the future.

Then, with word that I would be returning to the East Side of Milwaukee I was excited to be able to shop at Atomic Records again. A local independent record store on Locust and Oakland, I had purchased a handful of CDs there a few years back, and wanted to buy all of Foo Fighters discography this year. But there then there was this. Ugh.

And finally I saw this today. There's a Harry W Schwartz bookstore a few blocks from my house on Oakland, and even though I don't purchase many books I do have two nieces that love books, so it was inevitable that I'd be purchasing some items there in the future. Alas, the Shorewood store will not be one of those that is being purchased by someone else.

Sometimes it's hard to realize the economic downturn when you're not faced with it everyday. But it's hard to ignore when small businesses are closing all around you. And now for my bleg of the day: Give some of the locally owned small businesses in your area a chance with your money. Chances are they will work harder for your dollar money than the local Walgreens or Wal-Mart, because they need to in order to survive these days. One of my unspoken resolutions this year was to try and be a localvore, eating and shopping at local places rather than nationwide chains. And I haven't been disappointed yet.


BLaZE said...

So I take it you will be growing a beard, eating organic, and listening to A LOT of live accoustic music at or around homely coffee shops?

Gregor said...

My all-hemp wardrobe today should have already clued you into my new life direction.