Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Case of the Missing Checks

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to get my finances in order, and as I figured the best way to do that was to track every transaction through However, my podunk bank from up in Wausau doesn't allow information from my account to be brought into Mint. Ugh. So I went about changing my direct deposit to my USBank account. But when I went to find my checkbook for that account I couldn't find it. Anywhere. Panic quickly set it. Did I lose it somewhere when we moved? And then my mind queued up a flashback, black and white, of me saying "Boy Greg, I don't think I'll EVER need all these checks. I think I'll just cut them up!" Sometimes I can be pretty stupid. But would I really cut up perfectly good checks? Man, I hoped it wasn't so, but it was a better alternative to losing them. So I went to USBank and explained my situation. She recommended closing down my account and opening a new one, but I told her I didn't think they were stolen (it was more that one book of checks, I thought...probably 5 or 6 books). So she said she would hook me up with new checks, and put an alert out on any checks starting before the number on the current check.

I got back to my desk when the phone rang. "Hi, this is Jessica from USBank. Looking at our records we don't think you ever received checks from us." Umm...ok? On one hand, that's good news. I didn't lose the checks, because I never actually had any. But on the other, it just means I fabricated the memory of gleefully chopping up books of checks sometime in the past. Both are rather disturbing.


KiltRunner said...

Personally, I think my mom makes up stories about me and sells them to me as if they were true. The world may never know.

MrB said...

Checks should be outlawed... I've gone through a single checkbook since I was 17. I still have like 6 unused books from then too.. All I use them for is to pay rent because bastards don't have electronic payment and to pay Greg because he loves going to the bank like a granpa