Wednesday, January 14, 2009

By the Numbers

21 - Number of stoplights between my house and work.
31 - States I've visited.

1 - places I've lived from the age of 1 until I was 17 years old.
9 - places I've lived since then.
6 - Game systems I've owned (Gameboy, SNES, Playstation, Dreamcast, Xbox, Wii)
7 - Number of concerts I've paid to get in to (Reel Big Fish (x2), Foo Fighters (x2), Hoobastank, Stone Temple Pilots, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) All the other concerts were part of Summerfest.
4701 - Songs on my computer at home
2 - Plants that I've named. Peter the Peace plant is at home, and Dave Grow-l is an ivy that's here at work. (Get it? Grow-l? Grohl? I crack me up).
1 - Number of times Peter has flowered in the 4 years I've had him.

10 - Brewers home games I want to go to this year
5 - Brewers home games I'll actually go to this year.
37 - Classes I took in college.
19 - Classes where I learned something useful.
2 - Classes where I learned something useful for my occupation.
2 - Much metal for 1 hand.


Chad said...

37 - Dicks you've sucked.

Gregor said...

37? In a row?

Belle said...

No, they were probably in a circle.

Pickles31186 said...

I crushed you on Game Systems owned:

Super Nintendo
GameBoy Color
GameBoy Advanced
Nintendo DS
Virtual Boy (yea... count it!)
Xbox 360

14 in all! :) Im too much of a nerd...

Ric said...

You crack you up.