Monday, December 22, 2008

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pt. 1

(Hey-o! BLaZE and myself are going to try something different for this post. We're both huge fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so much we decided to gang up and BOTH talk about the love of our respective childhoods. My comments will look like this, and BLaZE’s will be in italics. And the second half of this will be over on his blog. Let’s do this!)

While marveling at some of the greatest theme songs of the 80s I was pleased to see they including the perpetually catchy theme song for the original 80s cartoon of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was a fan of GI Joe, Ghostbusters, and Legos when I was a kid, but NOTHING compares to my obsession with the Ninja Turtles. Originally starting out as a comic book, the Turtles branched out in TV, movies, video games, action figures, coloring books; if you can think of it the Turtles probably had a logo on it somewhere. BLaZE, do you remember how you were introduced to the Turtles?

Thanks a lot, that’s easier said than done with my alcohol riddled brain. How about we just go with my clearest memories? The ones that revolved around consumer goods! If it had TMNT and could be bought, I was begging for it. The one I remember most was a toy, turtle-mobile thing.

It was my first battery operated mechanized toy. It had a tube in the center that you could throw these plastic pizza discs down and they would shoot out the front of the vehicle tank thing. Your action figures could also use the little tiny holes on their feet to stick to it like they were riding! Many pizza discs were lost amongst my living room. My favorite item of all, however, was the plush Michelangelo.

He was my first carry-around-everywhere-non-blankie. He was my favorite and a ‘party dude’ Freud? I remember I brought that guy everywhere, I even got deathly ill and puked all over him once. My Mom was about to throw him away but I wasn’t having any of that. After being washed multiple times he was finally deemed quarantined and returned to me. By the end of his run he had lost one of his hard button eyes and his belt straps had all but torn off. I can’t go on without mentioning the TMNT bed sheets and pillow cases, I think those were essential for any boy my age. I also vaguely remember little slippers that had the heads of Leonardo bobbling on the front. Classic! Well Gregor, you probably have a clearer memory of the TMNT Toy kingdom, so can you please show me up ;-)

Indeed I do, mostly because I didn’t drink while I was playing with my action figures. I had the carrying case for all my turtles, plus I used a Ghostbusters case AND a cardboard box to hold all of them. I had far too many of them as a kid, but action figures were cheap entertainment for a 5 year old kid. Though I asked for the big playsets (like the sewer and the turtle van), I never got them so my parents improvised by helping me make the turtle sewer out of cardboard boxes and toilet paper tubes. It would be two levels (the toilet paper rolls were pillars to hold up the second level), with secret trap doors and turtle stickers all over it. Whenever I got sick of the old one I’d just throw it away and start on a better one! And my parents got me a cheap plastic police van that fit the turtles perfectly, so I used my imagination that it was the turtle van (thanks to a helping heap of stickers once again.) My neighbor Paul had dozens of figures, so we’d take turns going by each others house to play all afternoon, with elaborate stories of heroes and villains. My favorite figure was the Michelangelo one from the second movie.

He was kind of soft and rubbery, plus he came with a can of ooze, hotdog stick nunchucks, and he looked like he stepped right out of the movie to my 7 year old eyes. Speaking of the movies (and tv shows)

For part two of our Turtle talk head on over to BLaZE’s blog!


Chad said...

Not only did I have all the things seen there, but my horde of TMNT toys included:

The Technodrome
The Turtle Van
The pizza Launcher (fuck yeah those little discs hurt too)
Ratman's submersible Sewermobile (Also seen in the TMNT game for SNES "turtles in time")
The Sewer
The Cadillac
THE TMNT PLAYTENT (thats right bitches, i had a fucking tent)
The TMNT toy chest (tits)
OOZe Catapault

I also had the muckman action figure that you would fill full of ooze and he would ooze out of his mouth and chest. Badassed.

Scumbug was my favorite action figure:

CowabungaDude86 said...

hey man crazy blog brought back lots of you remember the bathroom set they had..toothbrush, toothbrush holder,soap dish and cup? i also had the the plastic mug...great blog down memory lane <3